Mekos Woman Part 1 by Keta Diablo* Nominated for Best Romance, Authors After Dark


“Oh. My. Gosh. This book left me speechless. This was one of those reads where it leaves a lasting impression and you’re grateful for the chance to have read it. I don’t know what else to say but to read this book. I absolutely adored it and recommend it to anyone and everyone! This book deserves an OMG! Review.”
5 Stars


“Wow, wow, and WOW..this book was great!! I could go on and on, but, what really kept me reading to the point that I had a hard time putting the book down, was the love story between Meko and Ceska Anyone who is looking for a wonderful historical romance with a paranormal twist should definitely check this one out, you will not be disappointed!”  5 Stars


“Keta Diablo had me mesmerized with her beautifully written tale, her ability to wrap the world she has created around me, was astounding! Filled with moments of passion as well as horrific scenes of battle, this wonderful love story will have you wishing for the world to go away and leave these two alone!”  5 Stars