“Best Anthology Ever! Every story in this book was very entertaining. The characters were well defined and each story was written so well. Most of the time 1 or 2 of the stories in an anthology is a bust, NOT THIS BOOK. I could hardly put the book down until I finished it. Most of the authors I was familiar with especially Caroline Clemmons those I had never read I will now as their stories were so interesting and well written. I will recommend this book to all my friends and family. Thanks for such an entertaining read!” 5 Stars 

“Each story had it’s own characters and storylines. The heroine are feisty, sometimes stubborn and always looking for true love. The heroes are strong, also stubborn and sometimes downright clueless as to what a women needs. I highly recommend this set of books, I laughed, cried, and sometimes did both at the same time.” 5 Stars 

“I can’t pick a favorite. I was familiar with a couple of the authors and enjoyed being introduced to the others. All of the authors spent time creating. strong characters and beautiful settings weave together a tapestry of enjoyable reading. Whether you read one or two at a sitting or find yourself going from one to the other, you’ll find yourself getting to know the authors and the characters they’ve created.” 5 Stars