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Contemporary Romance

A Ghost To Die For by Keta Diablo



Comes A Specter by Keta Diablo



Bondage and Bliss: Chasing Love, His Alone and Guilty Pleasures

Dreams Anthology by Keta Diablo


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Recent Reviews

Dark Night of Moon – Review

“I thought it impossible, but Keta Diablo has surpassed Moon of the Sleeping Bear with the sequel, DARK NIGHT OF THE MOON.” 5 Stars  “You are never sure how this story will end and you may even be surprised. Keta Diablo is an amazing story teller and Dark Night of the Moon is a keeper.”5 Stars   “Takes a path not expected and leads you down a way that opens for adventure and fun and love. I truly loved this book!” 5 Stars ...
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Moon of the Sleeping Bear – Review

“If you enjoy westerns you will love this book. I really like the way Ms Diablo told the story. Off to read book 2 Dark Night of the Moon.” 5 Stars  “Was very sorry to see this book end. Have read several of Diablo’s stories and yet have been disappointed by any.” 5 Stars   “I loved the book, could hardly put it down for long. I loved the heroine finding a twin she didn’t know about! I have been looking for a sequel to this storyline.” 5 Stars ...
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