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Moon of the Sleeping Bear

Moonlight Series Book 1

Western Romance

Years ago, identical twins, Lauren and Sage McCain were born into the upper echelons of Southern society but, through the evil act of a lonely midwife, they were separated at birth. 


As adults, they have both found love, although they live in different worlds. Lauren is loved by two men, brothers –one the father of her child, the other her husband. One went off to war, leaving his brother to pick up the broken pieces of their lives. 


Sage has found her soul-mate among the Winnebago tribe and cherishes the abiding love from both her husband and children. But the Dakota Uprising in Minnesota has affected her life as much the Civil War has affected Lauren's.

Neither sister knows the other exists until fate steps in amid the flames of danger and destiny. Now their lives will never be the same again.

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