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Scoundrel of Dreams, Book 3

Trilogy: Cradle of Dreams, Whisper of Dreams, Scoundrel of Dreams

Western Historical

Bridger Cantrell breaks into Alcee Slayton’s study one night to steal some much-needed information. Imagine his surprise when he encounters Alcee’s youngest daughter, Lydia, rifling through her father’s desk drawers.


What is the little minx up to and will it spoil his plans for revenge? He intends to find out and challengers her to a game of Quid Pro Quo. He soon discovers Lydia is no longer the little bookworm he remembers from his past but an enchanting, beguiling woman who steals not only his heart but his soul.
Scoundrel of Dreams is scorchingly hot and includes an element of time travel. Each story can be read as a stand-alone and do not contain cliffhangers.

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