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The Devil's Heel

Gay Fiction/Romance

A Pirate Novella

Five years ago Drew Hibbard dismissed Rogan Brockport from his life. When they meet again at the Governor’s Ball, Rogan demands answers for Drew's abrupt, cut from his life, but his questions fall on deaf ears.


During a pirate raid of Drew's ship, Rogan saves Drew's life...and kidnaps him in the process. Now, the perfect opportunity to extract answers from the man is finally at hand. But will the evil, outside forces conspiring to keep them apart succeed in their mission?


Scorchingly hot. Stand-Alone Novella. No Cliffhangers.

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" A dark, brooding hero to set the stage, the beautiful object of his desire beyond his reach, and the hint of some serious swashbuckling to come all promise the perfect recipe for a grand historical adventure. In large part, this is a beautifully written piece, lush with description and lovely visuals. Rogan fills the role of tortured hero while oozing sex appeal and Drew does get points for courage."