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Category: Western

Moon of the Sleeping Bear – Review

“If you enjoy westerns you will love this book. I really like the way Ms Diablo told the story. Off to read book 2 Dark Night of the Moon.” 5 Stars 

“Was very sorry to see this book end. Have read several of Diablo’s stories and yet have been disappointed by any.” 5 Stars  

“I loved the book, could hardly put it down for long. I loved the heroine finding a twin she didn’t know about! I have been looking for a sequel to this storyline.” 5 Stars

Dark Night of Moon – Review

“I thought it impossible, but Keta Diablo has surpassed Moon of the Sleeping Bear with the sequel, DARK NIGHT OF THE MOON.” 5 Stars 

“You are never sure how this story will end and you may even be surprised. Keta Diablo is an amazing story teller and Dark Night of the Moon is a keeper.”5 Stars  

“Takes a path not expected and leads you down a way that opens for adventure and fun and love. I truly loved this book!” 5 Stars

Comes A Specter by Keta Diablo

Ghostland Series Book 1: Comes A Specter – Review

Comes A Specter by Keta Diablo

“I can’t recall the last time I read such a fascinating ghost story, especially one that is steeped in ancient traditions of Native Americans, particularly the Blackfoot tribe. It’s rare I come across a paranormal story that is rich with tradition and that those traditions are called upon to expel the evil wreaking havoc in an otherwise normal world.”  5 Stars 

“I love ghost stories and western romance. I liked the native quotes at the beginning of each chapter. Keta’s writing as she knows how to tell a story in which the reader stays glued to the pages. You will be on the edge of your seat with the ghost and Anya and her friend Sutter. The characters were well done the plot was exceptional.”  5 Stars 

“Comes a Specter by Keta Diablo will raise the hair on the back of your necks as she mesmerizes you, chapter by chapter, through a story of love, determination, and a ghost that wants them all to die. The history of the Blackfeet tribe is woven into the pattern of this story like a delicate chain, connecting the characters together. Keta has done her research well. The anticipation of what will happen next flows through her chapters like warm honey down a sun warmed rock. You think you know what will happen, but then you realize you never had it quite right.” 5 Stars 

Ghostland Series Book 1: Comes An Outlaw – Review

*Clean Romance*
“Great reading starting with sky tinted water and sky dance were great reading loved them both. Always love happy ever after.”  5 Stars 

“Loved this book as much as Sky Tinted Water, Book 1. Great romance, lost love and second chances. A must read for historical lovers!”  5 Stars 

“Like Sky Tinted Water this was a great story! A continuing saga of Rory and Dawson and their everlasting love through many obstacles and trials. You must read this book if you love clean historical romance.”  5 Stars

Chasing the Dead – Review

“Fantastically original. What a fantastically original plot and story idea! If you like westerns, American history, the native American Indians or just want a read with some seriously sexy Bannister boys (cowboys!!), well then this one is for you.The plot moved along at a cracking pace, it kept me interested and had plenty of action.” 5 Stars 


“I must say this book surprised me, and not in a bad way. I hadn’t expected it to pack such a punch. I’ve always been a sucker for characters that have an unrelenting passion and one that won’t quit no matter what obstacle is thrown their way. And Maddie and Deacon did not disappoint in this aspect. Their connection is so palpable you can literally feel it.” 5 Stars 


“I would expect no less. Chasing the Dead gave me everything I have come to expect from a good western romance: strong, likeable heroines, desert sunsets and palpable settings I could lose myself in, and Most Important Of All, that dreamy lustable male character. Deacon is everything a western hero should be: strong, manly, outdoorsy (he breaks horses), rugged, stubborn, insanely handsome, and ever so swoonfully dedicated to the one love of his life.” 5 Stars

Under A Mulberry Moon – Review

“Best Anthology Ever! Every story in this book was very entertaining. The characters were well defined and each story was written so well. Most of the time 1 or 2 of the stories in an anthology is a bust, NOT THIS BOOK. I could hardly put the book down until I finished it. Most of the authors I was familiar with especially Caroline Clemmons those I had never read I will now as their stories were so interesting and well written. I will recommend this book to all my friends and family. Thanks for such an entertaining read!” 5 Stars 

“Each story had it’s own characters and storylines. The heroine are feisty, sometimes stubborn and always looking for true love. The heroes are strong, also stubborn and sometimes downright clueless as to what a women needs. I highly recommend this set of books, I laughed, cried, and sometimes did both at the same time.” 5 Stars 

“I can’t pick a favorite. I was familiar with a couple of the authors and enjoyed being introduced to the others. All of the authors spent time creating. strong characters and beautiful settings weave together a tapestry of enjoyable reading. Whether you read one or two at a sitting or find yourself going from one to the other, you’ll find yourself getting to know the authors and the characters they’ve created.” 5 Stars